Allow me to introduce you to a wonderful friend of mine, Donna Marie. Donna is a friend that's been in my life for so long I don't actually remember where or when we met. I can only assume that we would've met at a community event as young kids growing up in the same small town. Over the years Donna and I got closer as we progressed through grade school together. To this day she is still one of my dearest friends, even if we don't see each other as much as we'd like to. 

Donna is a wildly talented musician, with the fiddle being the instrument of her choice. It's truly mesmerizing to watch her play, between her unique toe tapping to just seeing the music flow through her so passionately.  She's played her tunes all over Cape Breton and I highly recommend you stop to listen if you ever have the chance to see her play. 

These photos were taken years ago, just before we graduated high school. I'd just gotten a new camera and thought it'd be fun to have Donna do a session with her fiddle. I debated whether or not to post them as they aren't necessarily part of my recent works. Ultimately I decided that showing my earlier work gives myself and those of you reading this reference as to where I started with photography and how far I've grown since then. On that note I hope you enjoy the photos and learning a little bit about myself and my incredible friend Donna Marie. 

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