I knew I was awake before my alarm this morning when I first opened my eyes, but what I wasn't ready for was the clock reading 4:15AM. However despite my attempt to rest a little longer it just wasn't in the cards today. So I got up and dressed, grabbed my camera and went out to photograph what was shaping up to be a cool sunrise. 
To say the least, I wasn't disappointed! 
Then after realizing I still had some more time to kill before I needed to get ready for my day, I kept on walking to see what else I could capture in the morning light... 
These two had been grazing in a swampy area I passed, then they decided I was too close for comfort and headed for the field you see them in. I didn't mind though as it's a pretty nice capture this way! 

So then I kept on walking... Until I almost walked into what you'll see in this next photo! 
This deer was much smaller than the first two, so I'm thinking he/she may be a baby from last year and therefore may not be too nervous of people yet. I say this as once he/she saw me he didn't really seem too nervous and was actually walking TOWARDS me a few times. It was one of those moments where I was more excited at how peaceful and in sync this deer and I were than on the photos he/she was letting me capture. It reminded me of another moment I had years ago with a bald eagle. 

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